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    OHCAP™ Revive

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    OHCAP Revive is our original version. Ideal if you plan to drink a moderate amount. We like to take it with us for happy hours and casual nights out.

    Skip the hangover! OHCAP™ Revive was created specifically for those who enjoy drinking alcohol, but don't want to regret the next day. Formulated by Pharmacists and backed by Physicians, OHCAP is formulated to supply your body with 17 different ingredients that support your body's natural ability to process alcohol. 

    Take a dose of OHCAP Revive before and/or while drinking for best results--think of it as fueling up so your body runs smoothly. Take a dose in the morning If you forget to take OHCAP or need a little help getting your day started.

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    OHCAP™ Revive